Neville Goddard (SATS) State Akin to Sleep [Manifesting Guide] 

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Learn how to harness Neville Goddard’s (SATS) State Akin to Sleep to manifest your wildest dreams.


If you’ve been in the self-transformation community for a while, you’re likely well aware that you must penetrate the conscious mind and go straight to the subconscious to change your life.

From hypnotherapy to subliminals to affirmations to mind movies to guided meditations, there are many ways to reprogram your subconscious mind. 

While all roads are effective, and I encourage you to experiment with the different routes, today we’ll go back to the basics from a man considered a Pioneer of The New Thought movement and the Father of The Law of Attraction. 

We’ll go over his philosophy as it relates to reprogramming your subconscious mind. 

Similar to having the option to purchase a premade brownie at the grocery store or cooking the brownie yourself. 

Learning SATS is like figuring out how to cook the brownie yourself. It will be tailored-made to you, simple, and the freaking plus—free! 

That’s not to say you can never enjoy a brownie created by someone else. But it’s always better when you have the basics down for yourself. 

Let’s get started!

What is SATS Neville Goddard?


SATS stands for State Akin to Sleep, an expression coined by Neville Goddard. 

Simply put, SATS is a drowsy meditative state. Neville describes it as a state that borders sleep.

It’s a relaxed waking state where your body is immobilized from external senses but can still influence the direction of your thoughts. 

According to Neville, this is the perfect state to be in for the state of the wish fulfilled to manifest your greatest desires.

How to do (SATS) State Akin to Sleep Neville Goddard [step-by-step]

  1. Choose to sit comfortably in a chair or lie flat on your back with your head and neck in a neutral position.
  2. Get comfortable and close your eyes.
  3. Take a few deep breaths.
  4. Bring attention to your body and breath. 
  5. Immobilize your senses, clear external distractions, and focus your senses on your internal world.
  6. Relax until you find a centered drowsy feeling.
  7. If you have trouble getting into a drowsy state, try focusing on a particular point in your body (e.g., heart chakra or solar plexus.) 
  8. Another method to get into a drowsy state is reverse counting from 300 in threes (300, 297, 294, etc.)

How to Manifest With SATS Neville Goddard (5 Steps) 


Step 1: Claim your Desire 

The first step is to claim your desire and decide it’s yours. Write down your desire as if you already have it in a manifestation journal. 

Writing your desires down as though you already have them plants a seed in your mind that it’s done and begins the process of materializing your wishes in the physical world.

For example, let’s say you want to manifest $10,000. 

Write down your desire as if you already have it: I have manifested $10,000.

If this is your first time manifesting with the Law of Assumption, work on one desire at a time for the best results. 

Step 2: Get into SATS

The second step is to prepare for bed as usual and follow the instructions above to get your mind and body into SATS. 

Step 3: Imagine the State of Wish Fulfillment

woman-meditating-listening to headphones

The third step is to begin to imagine the state of the wish fulfilled once you are in bed and are in SATS.

Neville recommends doing one-act scenes. Keep your scene short, so your mind doesn’t wander. These small scenes are usually about 5 seconds long.

For the $10,000 example, go to the end of already having $10,000 and visualize a small scene implying you already have the money.

Let’s say you want the money to rent a new apartment. 

Don’t imagine receiving $10,000.

Instead, a scene that implies you already have the money could be imagining yourself in the apartment or signing papers with the leasing agent. 

Strive for a scene that brings out the richest emotional experience and feels real. 

Step 4: Loop Your Small 5-Second Scene

Step four is to loop the same scene over and over until it takes on the tones of reality. 

Feel your scene in the first person, keep looping it until it feels real, and fall asleep.

Step 5: Assume Your Desire is Fulfilled


Step five is to assume your desire is fulfilled. The point of creative visualization (using the Law of Assumption) is to ignite your feelings and live in the state of the wish fulfilled. 

Keep working on your visualization every night until it feels so real that you already have your desire. Once your subconscious accepts your visualization, it should feel like a memory that’s already happened, and happening right now.

Neville says that the state of wish fulfillment will feel false at first, but if you persist, the world will have no choice but to conform to your assumptions.

When Should You Use the SATS manifestation method? 

Get into SATS every time you visualize a desire. Sometimes affirmations do not work for some people because they are working with the conscious mind and not tuning into their subconscious mind (their feelings). 

As long as your mind and body are relaxed and your visualization feels real, your subconscious mind will accept what you give it.

What is the Best Time for State Akin To Sleep (SATS) Technique?


The best time to access SATS is before sleep and after you wake up. 

These two times are the most accessible times to access SATS because your brain is naturally in alpha and theta frequency. 

Alpha is the gateway to your subconscious, and theta is your subconscious, thus making it the best time to work with your subconscious mind.

Another optimal time to access SATS is after deep meditations.

But that 10-minute window before you fall asleep is the most powerful.

Basically, the more relaxed your mind is, the more receptive it is, and you are in the perfect state to program yourself. 

Can I Use SATS Neville Goddard to Manifest During the Day?

Yes! Neville recommends inducing a drowsy state daily at the same time. 

He does warn that since we are creatures of habit, every day, you will feel drowsy around the same time. 

So if your lifestyle and schedule permit, consider starting a midday practice to induce SATS and get into the state of the wish fulfilled for your desires.  

How Often Should You Do SATS Neville Goddard?

Make SATS a daily practice, visualize every night before bed, and treat it like brushing your teeth. 

If you are not working on a specific external desire, use SATS to revise the day with Neville’s Revision Technique or get into gratitude every night with Neville’s Thank You Technique.    

Neville says that when you train your body to be in a good feeling state, your actions will follow. 

He doesn’t believe in free will because we can only act from our state of consciousness (our self-concept and assumptions of self). The only free will we have is to change our assumptions. 

And when we successfully change our assumptions, the external world, including our actions, conforms to our beliefs. 

How Long Does it take for State Akin to Sleep (SATS) Technique to Work?

How long SATS takes to work will depend on your ability to persuade yourself, how deeply rooted your limiting beliefs are, and your capacity with regard to building a new practice. 

According to a University College London Study, building a habit takes 18 to 254 days, an average of 66 days for most people. 

However, when working with the Law of Assumption, it’s not about getting logical or scientific, which is the conscious mind. 

It’s about getting your emotional body and the subconscious mind to believe. As Neville says, Feeling is the Secret. 

Your conscious mind is linear and rational, so it wants to negate and doubt, but your subconscious mind is highly susceptible and believes everything you tell it. 

What will look like a miracle externally is really your subconscious mind believing.

Building a consistent manifestation practice may take 66 days, but it’s what you believe if you believe 18 days, then 18 days. 

I’d say try it out for 7 days and see what happens!

How to Know If SATS Technique is working. 


You’ll know when your visualization works when you dream about your manifestations. That is a sure sign that your subconscious mind accepts your visualization and, thus, your new assumption. 

Consider starting a dream journal to get more in tune with your subconscious mind. Your dreams can give you insight into your subconscious beliefs and feelings about your waking life. 

Is SATS Law of Assumption?

SATS is a state of consciousness that gives you access to the subconscious mind. The Law of Assumption is Neville’s overall philosophy. So SATS is a part of The Law of Assumption.

I see it as you are the oven, and the oven cooks stuff. The oven can broil or bake on high or low heat. You need to have the oven on low heat to cook a brownie recipe. State Akin to Sleep (SATS) is getting your oven on low heat. 

Your visualizations are the ingredients, and you mix them up and throw them in your oven. At night in your dream state, your subconscious starts cooking the visualization for you. And one day, a brownie shows up in your life. 

20 Law of Assumption (SATS) State Akin to Sleep Affirmations

  1. I am the creator of my own reality.
  2. My beliefs create my reality.
  3. When I envision it, I manifest it.
  4. I assume the best for me. 
  5. My desires are meant to be fulfilled.
  6. I can have whatever I want, and nothing is off-limits to me.
  7. I break through my internal limitations.
  8. I am free to create or have whatever I want.
  9. I am worthy of my desires.
  10. I am that I am.
  11. I shape my self-concept to my liking. 
  12. I am love.
  13. I am forgiveness.
  14. I am open to receiving miracles from the Universe.
  15. I am abundant and a powerful manifestor.
  16. I free myself of my limitations.
  17. I can have whatever I want.
  18. I am in a continuous state of forgiveness.
  19. My desires are here in my reality.
  20. What I assume I manifest.

List of Neville Goddard’s Concepts to Be a Powerful Manifestor 

Neville mastered the human psyche. He studied the human mind from all angles and discovered numerous entry points into the imagination. 

I’ve compiled a list of his best manifestation techniques. Read my blog post: 17 Best Neville Goddard’s Manifesting Techniques List to help you attract your desires

Closing Thoughts on Neville Goddard’s (SATS) State Akin to Sleep

There you have it. Now you know how to use Neville Goddard’s (SATS) State Akin to Sleep to manifest. I would love to hear how it goes, and please let me know if you have any questions. I’d be happy to help.

Wishing you many blessings, so much love, and joy!

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Happy manifesting.

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