8 Tips to Get Better at Manifesting

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No matter where you are in your manifesting abilities, you can always get better. We are constantly manifesting our lives, and the Universal Laws are always working around us, through us, and for us, anyway. So why not consider manifestation a craft and endlessly pursue growth?

Manifestation is the art of bringing your desires from the spiritual 5D (5th Dimension) and grounding it in your physical 3D (3rd Dimension) reality. It is a lifestyle that requires effort, intention, and patience. With the proper focus, habits, and practices, manifesting can become a natural, effortless way of being. 

So in the spirit of growth and effortless manifesting, here are my top 8 tips to get better at manifesting. 

1. Know the 12 Universal Laws of Manifestation

The 12 Universal Spiritual Laws of Manifestation are like the ground rules for life. It provides a structure on how the Universe naturally operates, deepens your understanding of the Universe, and helps you see what’s happening beyond our physical reality.

If you are serious about manifesting your dream life, study the laws and observe your own life and the life around you. Notice how the different laws are always working; most of the time, they work simultaneously. 

For instance, notice how that person who constantly complains about their job has gotten let go four times in a row. Or observe the person who accepts everyone around them for who they are and receives acceptance and love from others around them. It’s not to judge ourselves or others but to discern who you choose to be moving forward. Use it to look at your own life and see where you can give yourself praise and where you can improve.

2. Study Your Vibrational Frequency

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Your life emanates from you. Literally. Your physical being is a powerful magnet that attracts people, situations, and material things into your life. Your output capabilities and what you attract into your life start with your vibrational frequency. Your vibrational frequency equals your thoughts and emotions, and it dictates whether you survive or thrive. It’s the foundation of your life and your life force.

The Universe always matches who you are. I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “You don’t attract what you want; you attract who you are.” You attract your beliefs and vibration. 

Out of the 12 Universal Laws, the Law of Vibration is the law that I’d recommend putting a lot of your attention on. It’s the engine that drives the Law of Attraction and where you have the most control. Without deeply understanding your vibration, you will still manifest and attract things into your life, but you might not like what you’re drawing in. Get to know your life and yourself better than anyone else because no one can know your life more than you. 

A couple of tools to help with your vibrational frequency for serious manifestors:

Dr. David R. Hawkins’ Map of Consciousness and Esther Abraham-Hicks’ Emotional Guidance Scale.

3. Keep a Manifestation Journal


If you haven’t started a manifestation journal, please get one! If you want to get better at manifesting, dedicate a journal only for your manifestations. 

Spiritually speaking, keeping a manifestation journal signals to the Universe, and yourself, that you are serious about manifesting. It’s a declaration that you are dedicated, focused, and intentional about creating your life. 

Practically speaking, keeping a manifestation journal keeps you focused and aligned with your goals, dreams, and desires. It also keeps your manifestations in one place. And when it’s review time, you can reflect on your manifestations weekly and month by month. 

4. Cultivate an Affirmation Practice

Practicing affirmations helps you move from a less empowered state to a more empowering state of consciousness. It helps you raise your vibration and keep your thoughts and emotions focused and directed. 

Also, try writing your own affirmations. Writing your own affirmations makes it personal to you. No one knows your situation as much as you do.

Moreover, writing your own affirmations helps you sort out your limiting beliefs. It will give you another way of seeing yourself. Sometimes what we internally think and feel looks completely different when we write it out on paper. 

As Dr. David R Hawkins states in his Map of Consciousness, affirmational work is when an individual is at a critical point of change—you move from force to power. You move from surviving your life to the creator of your life. 

5. Practice Creative Visualization

Creative visualization is a powerful tool used by athletes, entertainers, and entrepreneurs. It’s a way of intentionally fantasizing about the life you want and the experiences you want to feel. Your subconscious does not know the imaginary from reality. You attract what you consistently visualize. 

It’s a game changer in molding your destiny. If you don’t direct your mind, your mind will have a mind of its own and manifest its own reality. And what better way to control your reality than daydreaming? Remember when teachers wouldn’t let you daydream and said it was bad? Wrong!

6. Schedule Time to Practice Manifestation 


Another way to get better at manifesting is by setting intentional time for your manifesting practices. Set out 30 minutes daily and treat it like an exercise routine.

Setting out time keeps you accountable and focused. Whether you read a book, read an article, work in your manifestation journal, or practice creative visualization or affirmations, it’s time well spent. 

7. Hire a Manifestation Coach

I promise this is not a plug, but really what I believe. It’s helpful to find teachers, books, and courses that can help us leap. Just like showing up for a personal trainer or financial advisor, the right teachers will help you win and go farther than you’ve initially imagined.

Hiring a coach is similar to having a loyal friend who can see you outside and help with blind spots. And the money spent will naturally force you to value your manifestation time. 

8. Get Good at Letting Go


Lastly, if you feel stuck with your manifestations, your vibration is likely holding onto something from the past. Letting go can sometimes feel scary because you’re energetically letting go of an old part of you, creating space. 

Space can leave us scared, vulnerable, and unsure of who we are. But letting go of past hurts, mistakes, and failures helps your overall well-being and is the key to transforming your life.

Letting go and forgiveness practices give your energetic system a deep cleanse. It’s like a sweaty workout, therapy, facial extractions, and a colonic all wrapped into one! 

Moreover, one requirement to getting better at manifesting is cultivating presence. And the only way to cultivate presence is to consistently let go of the past and actively bring the energy of your future desires into the present moment every day. That means goodbye to old thoughts, emotions, limiting beliefs, and behaviors and hello to new empowering ones. 

Closing Thoughts

I hope the article helped you on your journey of becoming a powerful, effortless manifestor. There you have it; those are my top 8 tips to get better at manifesting. You may also like: 

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