11 Easy Things to Manifest for Beginners

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Ready to give manifesting a try?

Manifesting is an incredibly fun process once you get the hang of it! 

Here are 11 easy things to manifest for beginners to get you started.


Why Should a Beginner Manifestor Start Small?

Starting small will help you develop a solid manifesting practice, boost confidence, and build momentum toward your bigger manifestations.

Additionally, choosing small and easy manifestations can help you explore how your mind works and practice getting in tune with your vibrational frequency.

The eleven manifesting examples below are all easy wins. 

With these, you won’t feel pressure because your BELIEF and TRUST that you can easily manifest these things will already be there, which is the vibration you will want to bring to all of your future manifestations. 

When manifesting, you want to practice letting go of attachments to the outcome and eliminate doubt, resistance, and limiting beliefs.

Spiritual attachment is any form of fear-based energy like clinging, grasping, needing, desperation, control, anxiety, frustration, or expecting things to go a certain way. 

Set an intention, assume it’s done, and let go. 

And remain open, and allow the Universe to bring the manifestation to you through a myriad of pathways. 

If you want to get more serious with manifesting, check out my in-depth guide on The Law of Attraction Guide and The Law of Assumption.

How to Choose What to Manifest

In general, choose things that excite you, and that you want to manifest. Like manifesting the partner of your dreams or your dream career! Who doesn’t want that? 

However, if you feel indecisive, use this opportunity to practice getting in touch with your intuition and decision-making skills. 

Choose the first one you feel called to or that jumps out at you, and start from there. 

And if you have time, go through the whole list. By doing so, you’ll learn a lot about yourself. 

For instance, you might find that, woah, deep down, I don’t believe that a smooth day is possible for me. With that information, you’ll instinctively know how to care for yourself. 

11 Easy Things to Manifest for Beginners 


1. Manifest a Smile or a Hug

The first easy thing to manifest is a smile or a hug. 

Set an intention to the Universe to receive a smile or a hug from someone.

If you are completely new to manifesting, leave it open to the Universe to bring a hug or smile from whomever, a stranger, a coworker, a parent, and so on. 

When you feel more confident, try manifesting a hug or a smile from someone specific or someone you have a conflict with as a sign of resolution.

But when new, leaving it open to the Universe allows the Universe to bring a smile or hug from multiple pathways and helps you not cling to the outcome. 

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2. Manifest a Smooth Day 

The second easy thing to manifest is a smooth day. In the morning, set an intention to manifest a smooth day. 

You can use a couple of manifesting techniques to manifest a smooth day, such as creative visualization or positive affirmations. 

For creative visualization, in your imagination, run over your routine and daily tasks from when you leave your house to when you get home. Imagine everything flowing smoothly and going your way. 

Also, here are morning gratitude affirmations to generate happiness and well-being and raise your vibration.

3. Manifest a Small Amount of Money


Another fun thing to manifest is a small amount of money. 

You can leave the amount open to the Universe or choose a specific amount like 50 cents, a dollar, or five dollars.

Set an intention to manifest a small amount of money you feel comfortable with. 

Then let go and stay open to receiving money from different avenues.

You may find it in your car, doing laundry, on the street, a gift card, a rebate, a bonus from your boss, and more!

The main thing is don’t control the outcome or how it will come to you. 

In the meantime, practice abundance affirmations to raise your vibration and read my complete guide on how to manifest money.

4. Manifest a Good Night’s Sleep

If you have trouble with sleep, try manifesting a good night’s sleep.

Before you go to bed, set an intention to sleep well and fall asleep quickly. 

If you wake up feeling light, energized, and ready to tackle your day, you’ve manifested a good night’s rest!

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5. Manifest a Solution to a Problem

Manifesting a solution to a problem is a practical and valuable skill for everyday life!

When you run into a problem, slow down and ask the Universe to help you with the problem. 

You can set an intention through prayer or before you go to sleep. Use affirmations for peace and calm to help you stay centered and grounded.

Allow the Universe to bring your solution to you in as many paths as possible. 

Your solution can come to you in your mind, on YouTube, a friend gives you advice, or you overhear a stranger’s conversation, and many more possibilities!

The trick is to stay calm and know the Universe has your back because all problems have a solution. 

6. Manifest a Random Act of Kindness


Oooh, this is a fun one! Try manifesting a random act of kindness. 

A random act of kindness opens and allows the Universe to bring your manifestation in infinite possibilities. 

It could be a compliment, a free cookie, directions to a destination, a tip, and more!

Use self-love affirmations to vibrationally align your energy to love and generosity. 

Keep your energy open to receiving, and don’t seek the outcome. Meaning try not to control when, where, or how the act of kindness will arrive. 

Just set an intention to manifest a random act of kindness, open your energy to receive, let go, and allow the Universe to do the work for you.

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7. Manifest a Favorite Song

Manifesting a favorite song is a fun way to test your Law of Attraction skills!

Set an intention to manifest your favorite song. Since you won’t be too attached to this one, try an old song you haven’t heard in a long time.

Hum it in your mind and think about your song playing. 

Then completely let it go and see if it appears in your reality. 

Maybe you hear it on the radio, a store plays it, it shows up on a TikTok video or a movie, or a stranger hums it.

8. Manifest a Small Discount

Oooh, I love this one too! Manifesting a discount is fun to play with to work on your inner trust and inner persuasion.

I used to feel weird about asking for discounts. I feared judgment, that I’d be seen as cheap, or that I was bothering people. 

If asking for a discount makes you feel squirmy, practice affirmations for self-acceptance and self-confidence.

Believe the discount is already yours before you ask. Believe that you’re likable, and it’s okay for you to receive. Most stores are happy that you purchase something.

The most a store employee or manager will do or say is no.

9. Manifest the Perfect Parking Space

Another fun one to try is manifesting the perfect parking space. If you love parking close or find yourself in a crowded parking area, this one is for you! 

My dad always gets the best parking spaces. Even if a place is busy, someone will pull out, and he gets front-row parking. He’s known for it in our family. 

After studying The Law of Attraction, this is my conclusion.

My father is not the type of man who likes to cut in line or rushes to cut in front of people in congested settings. He believes there’s always enough to go around for everyone.

Since he doesn’t need to fight or be pushy for parking spaces or places in line, he’s not in a state of lack or resistance. His subconscious is in a state of abundance regarding parking spaces. 

So his reality reflects his belief: good parking always shows up for me. 

Try it out! Set an intention to find a good parking space the next you go somewhere and see what happens. 

10. Manifest a Free Cup of Coffee or Beverage


Another fun thing to manifest is a free cup of coffee or beverage. 

Set an intention for your free beverage and allow the Universe to bring it to you from all avenues.

It may come to you from a coworker, your bank, a friend, or your local coffee shop makes a mistake and gives you a free drink. 

Remember to set the intention, let go, and allow the Universe to do part of the work. Don’t cling to when, where, or how it will come to you. 

11. Manifest a Lost Item 

The last easy thing to manifest is a lost item. Manifesting a lost item is another useful and practical skill to have. 

When you lose an item, set an intention to find your lost item.

Visualize your lost item. Touch and feel it in your imagination. Believe that you already have it and it is still with you, and see it appear in your reality in miraculous ways. 

If you want to learn more about Neville Goddard’s Lost and Found Technique, find it in my article 17 of Neville’s Best Manifesting Techniques.

Closing Thoughts on Easy Things to Manifest for Beginners

And voila! As you can see, we are constantly manifesting our realities. 

Aside from practicing your Law of Attraction skills, these eleven easy things to manifest will also help cultivate gratitude in your day-to-day existence and raise your vibration

Hopefully, this list excites you and pushes you forward toward your future manifestations. 

I’d love to hear how it goes. Happy manifesting!

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